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We counsel both corporations and individuals in corporate related offences. The developing regulatory regime in China continues to generate challenges for those seeking to establish or expand their presence there. With our unrivalled depth of knowledge of doing business in China, we regularly assist clients with regulatory problems – from investigations to internal audit. This has involved not only dealing with the regulators and in the crisis management that regulatory work necessitates, but in interviews, and the defence of prosecutions in court. The same applies to our experience of representation at the ICAC and Commercial Crimes Bureau in Hong Kong.

We provide critical support to clients at every stage, from the initial stages of investigations to the conclusion of prosecution.

How we can help

  • Corporate defence / corporate compliance
  • Criminal breach of trust, insider trading, forgery, fraud and securities related offences
  • Customs and excise offences
  • Foreign exchange control related offences
  • Liquor licensing board cases
  • Traffic offences
  • Immigration offences
  • Gaming
  • Multi-level marketing and pyramid selling
  • Insurance fraud
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Corporate disclosure breaches
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Electronic and computer crimes
  • Anti-money laundering matters and reporting obligations
  • International legal assistance as well as other transnational criminal matters

Representative experience

Lead counsel to a Fortune 500 company in connection with alleged tax crimes against its PRC unit and advise on managing exposure of senior officers to corresponding sanctions of fines and imprisonment. We counseled on the strategy, collated the evidence and structured the defence against liability with alternative cogent mitigation circumstances at both the first instance and appellate level, resulting in forgoing of possible charges against individual officers and withdrawal of the appeal by the prosecution

Successfully using Hong Kong judicial expediency to freeze bank accounts and prosecute senior mainland management of a conglomerate business in connection of embezzlement and fraud against their employer

Advised a European based jewellery group on prosecution of bribery offences against supplier, advising on procedural and legal aspects of prosecution and defence against potential claims of supplier

Represented various securities houses and senior management to deal with the SFC enquiries and investigation

Counsel to board of various listed companies on criminal investigation against senior management

Counsel to Hong Kong listed luxury brand in their cooperation with ICAC in Hong Kong on bribery offences, preserving client’s position with disclosure requirements

Devised strategy for a major pharmaceutical distributor on prosecution of pharmaceutical regulatory offence in mitigation of adverse publicity and impacts on its wholesale licence

Represented senior management of a leading securities house in a charge of bribery offence in Hong Kong

Thou shalt not steal; an empty feat.

When it’s so lucrative to cheat.
- Arthur Hugh Clough English poet