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We are experienced in the full range of property transactions, including project development, project financing, acquisitions, disposals, asset management, leasing, public and private funds, facilities management, property related tax and disputes.

Our experience also covers commercial, residential, industrial, mixed use, infrastructure and other emerging assets.

In terms of focused assets, we have expansive experience in hotel, resort, tourism and branded residences. Our services cover the establishment of private as well as public real estate funds.

Adding value in complex high value developments - both at the early stages in their continuing progress and management, we provide one-stop service to clients in Hong Kong, Macau, the PRC and beyond.

Our senior partner, Ms. Vivien Chan, is a China appointed attesting officer. We act for major developers in many mainland cities. We counsel foreign investors and MNCs in the acquisition of commercial and manufacturing land use rights for investments and / or long term use.

How we can help

Project Development

  • Environmental issues in construction projects, secure regulatory approvals
  • Construction contracts, performance bonds, warranties, indemnities, guarantees, project insurance
  • Construction, engineering and infrastructure projects, project management, appointment of consultants, utilities and equipment

Acquisitions, dispositions and exchanges

  • Advise buyers and sellers of commercial property and land who benefit from our knowledge of local markets and advice beyond basic legal requirements

Real estate related mergers and acquisitions

  • Advise developers and private equity investors in the formation of joint ventures for the development and acquisition of real estate
  • Major developments – Advise investors on significant property developments, from inception to completion, including due diligence and issues relating to planning, environment and valuation issues
  • Real estate financing – Advise lenders and barterers on various financing transactions, negotiating loan portfolio sales, workouts, and loan syndications and participations
  • Mortgage-backed securities – Advise banks, rating agencies, sellers, issuers and underwriters on all aspects of commercial mortgage securitisations, including preparation of property-related security documents, such as debentures, mortgages, charges and rental assignments
  • Public and private funds – Advise on the creation and operation of public and private funds investing in real estate worldwide
  • Structure, establish and list REITs and similar investment vehicles
  • Tax – Advise on how to structure and plan transactions to minimize state, national and international tax exposure, profit tax appeal before the Board of Review and representation for Inland Revenue requisitions and audit in Hong Kong
  • Litigation and dispute resolution – Advise on complex litigation, including dissolutions, insolvencies, workouts, environmental matters, and construction disputes, landlord-tenant disputes and other real estate management matters
  • Landlord & Tenant – all aspects of landlord and tenant terms, leaseback financing

Real estate private equity

  • Entity formation and organisation- e.g. limited partnerships, joint ventures and other co-investment vehicles and related governance and management
  • Direct & indirect investment(single asset and portfolio)
  • Real estate M&A
  • Tax and regulatory requirements
  • Real estate development and construction
  • Real estate funds
  • Sale and leaseback transactions
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • Planning and environment
    - Litigation
    - Leasing
    - Debt finance including senior and junior financing, mezzanine financing, acquisition and construction finance
  • Securitisation
  • Structured finance
  • Public to private and related workout and exit programmes
  • Facilities management
  • Outsourcing and corporate real estate

We advise on a full range of financing solutions for acquisition and refinancing of real estate and infrastructure assets. Our unparalleled acquisition finance practice allows us to evaluate impediments to bankability from both an asset and market practice perspective whether acting for the lenders or any bidder as borrower

Representative experience

Hong Kong
  • Advise a property developer on acquisition of the land for development and the requirements and strategy for obtaining an order under the Land (Compulsory Sale for Redevelopment) Ordinance (Cap. 545)
  • Represent a property developer in the preparation of all legal documents for the sale of uncompleted units of a residential/commercial development and advising on compliance issues relating to the new laws on the sale of first-hand residential properties, including the sales brochure, disclosure of required information and transactions
  • Represent a property developer in the sale of individual units of two developments comprising residential and residential / commercial units respectively, and the preparation of all legal documents for such purpose including agreement for sale and purchase, Deed of Mutual Covenant
  • Advise property developers on provision of management services to prospective purchasers of the individual units of developments after completion of the sale and purchase, prepare documents for effecting the same
  • Formulate strategy for a property developer on obtaining an award against irresponsive adjoining owners for demolition of the party wall in a redevelopment project under the Buildings Ordinance
  • Act for the developer in the acquisition of individual units in the whole residential building at Castle Road, Hong Kong
  • Advise on the sale and subsequent leaseback of industrial buildings for REIT portfolio
  • Act for numerous banks and barterers in preparation of property financing or refinancing documents
  • Represent real estate developers in preparation of tender documents for sale of blocks of commercial buildings
  • Advise real estate owners in the preparation of standard commercial tenancy agreements and licences for whole blocks of commercial buildings
  • Advise on the acquisition of prime office and commercial premises portfolio
  • Advise on the acquisition of the holding corporate vehicle of prime commercial-space portfolio
  • Advise on the acquisition of prime sites at the Peak and the subsequent strata title sales of deluxe individual residential houses
  • Act for developers in the strata sales of:-
    • Jin Du Mansion (Beijing)
    • Investment Plaza (Finance Street in Beijing)
    • Beijing Jingshan Burlingame Commercial Centre (Wangfujing in Beijing)
    • Eurovillage (Tian Zhu, Shunyi)
    • Wu Hua Tian Bao Plaza (Changan Avenue in Beijing)
    • Advise on tax and fiscal implication to developers
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