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From the traditional “will drafter” to the “wealth protector”, we analyse the projected effects of income and applicable transfer duty. We advise on choice of appropriate planning vehicles and trusts, to secure effective management and protection of personal assets. We are particularly experienced in management of trust disputes, be it negotiating a settlement or representation in contentious arenas. Our lawyers coordinate client’s diverse geographical asset holdings under applicable tax treaties, to sustain a tax efficient holding structure.

How we can help

  • Trust vehicles for wealth management
  • Succession planning
  • Trustees duties and trust disputes
  • Establishment of trusts and foundations
  • Donation schemes and arrangements

Representative experience

  • Establish of a trust company for a major private manufacturing business in Hong Kong, devise trustee control mechanism and advise on the restructuring the trust.
  • Advise trustee for a major German family discretionary trust on distribution of trust properties in different jurisdictions to settlor’s children and mistress on passing of the settlor.
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