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Mars, Incorporated

"What are the qualities Mars, Incorporated seeks in an outside counsel?

I believe the list includes outstanding legal and communication skills, integrity and courage, responsiveness and the willingness to focus totally when the situation demands it. Knowledge of the business and the capacity to relate at different levels, understand the question being asked, and provide business relevant answers in real time with the ability to cut through the clutter to the essential issues and get things done when action is needed.

It was these qualities that attracted Mars to Vivien and Mars started with her and her then new firm, Vivien Chan & Co. twenty five years ago.

Together Vivien and Mars have grown. While at that time it was almost inconceivable that Mars would grow into one of the most successful consumer products businesses in China, helped in the early years by Vivien’s ever available wisdom and legal skill, it was always foreseeable that Vivien Chan & Co. would grow into the success it is today.

Many reasons have contributed to that success, but I believe it was foreseeable because in addition to all the other qualities that Vivien brought, she brought one great additional quality – she cared about her clients and their future success above everything else.

Vivien, thanks for all your help over the years. May Vivien Chan & Co. continue to prosper and serve its clients well into the future."

"Congratulations on all that you’ve done, and best wishes for your continued success. You’ve done one hell of a difficult task, and done it perfectly."

Amway Corporation

"Amway has been a loyal and satisfied client of Vivien Chan & Co. from the very beginning. The excellent service, depth of knowledge and most importantly, the sage advice you and the lawyers of Vivien Chan & Co. have provided to Amway have been an integral part of our success in Hong Kong and China.

It has been our pleasure and honor to be associated with Vivien Chan & Co. for the past 25 years and we look forward to continuing this relationship well into the future. Again, let us add our congratulations on this momentous occasion.”

NEC Corporation

"Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of Vivien Chan & Co.! You and your team have been of great help to us in our enforcement of trademark and design rights in Hong Kong. Thanks to your excellent advice, we have not only been able to secure our rights in Hong Kong, but have also ensured we have a strong portfolio of intellectual property protection in Hong Kong.

We would like to express our gratitude to you for your contributions to us, and the NEC Group companies.”

TOM Group Ltd.

"I have been impressed with the responsiveness of the team of lawyers at Vivien Chan & Co. and their ability to always find practical insightful solutions to our legal and business issues."

Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione

"As one of the top lawyers in Hong Kong and China, Vivien Chan has always put client service at the top of her list. My US clients who have issues in Hong Kong and China have benefited greatly from this emphasis on client service. In addition, Vivien and her lawyers understand what US clients want and demand when working within the legal framework of both Hong Kong and China. For me and my US clients, that works."

Diversey Inc.

"We are thrilled to have found such an experienced and helpful trademark firm in China, and look forward to the next 25 years!"

Esquel Enterprises Limited

"I would like to extend my congratulations on this very special occasion – the 25th anniversary of Vivien Chan & Co.

As a renowned legal advisor, throughout the years Vivien Chan & Co. has made numerous contributions that helped clients realize their vision and goal. Congratulations on running one of the finest law firms in Hong Kong!"

Saint Laurent

"Our Brand has been working for many years with Vivien Chan law firm handling for us TM litigations. In the recent years Vivien Chan law firm has handled complex TM squatting disputes which have been resolved in a very satisfactory way. We appreciate in particular their great team and the strong dedication they have shown in helping us resolve complex issues.”